The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present  and The Memoirs of Billy Shears  reveal the pop icon from his own points of view, using mostly the same songs, but with their own focus. The Lyrics, as put together by the gifted poet, Paul Muldoon, presents the updated official narrative. The Memoirs of Billy Shears, as put together by the gifted poet-encoder, Thomas E. Uharriet, offers the hidden encoded esoteric meaning. Together, as if one originated in Sir Paul's left brain and the other originated in his right brain, we discover shocking double-meanings.
You can now order these memoirs as box sets. The Lyrics (1956 to the Present) will be released on November 2, 2021. The Memoirs of Billy Shears (which is already available on Amazon as a single volume) will be released as a special box set on October 12, just 21 days ahead of The Lyrics. That will give you three weeks to ingest the esoteric meanings of each song before returning to the traditional narrative.
In the box sets, the 960 pages of The Lyrics (1956 to the Present) are organized alphabetiaclly by song title (A-K and L-Z). Much of that reading consists of the lyrics themselves, followed by Sir Paul's recollections. In The Memoirs of Billy Shears, the 666 pages are divided with 33 chapters in each volume.

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