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The Memoirs of Billy Shearsaudiobook narrated by Gregory Paul Martin.

Gregory's fabulous narration, performed in his “Paul voice” for over 15 hours, retails for $24.95. However, if you do not already have an Audible account to get this audiobook for only one credit, you can now download the entire performance for FREE ! If you do already have an Audible account, this performance is available for only one credit. 

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Honoring the legacy of “Fifth Beatle” Sir George Martin, his son, Gregory Paul Martin, recorded the unofficial tell-all memoirs of Paul McCartney:
The Memoirs of Billy Shears.

Whether you experience the Memoirs of Billy Shears as a paperback (available on Amazon), as a hardcover box set, or as a FREE download of the audiobook, you will never again see Paul, the Beatles, or even the whole world, in the same way. Brace yourself. However it comes for you, it is coming to take you away on the amazing tour of the Beatles' magical mystery!

To record this historically significant book, Gregory used the recording equipment that his father, George Martin, had used with the Beatles at Abbey Road Studios. That equipment is now located at the prestigious British Grove Studios.

While recording the Memoirs, sitting at that original equipment that the Beatles had used to record their vast catalog of songs, Gregory felt on several occasions that he himself had actually become Paul. It felt as though Paul were telling the whole story through him. Considering the subject matter, Gregory said that it felt uncanny!

The Memoirs of Billy Shears audiobook is the ultimate Beatles fantasy. More than merely becoming informed by the recording, hearing it in this way creates an experience with the material that some people have gone so far as to call "life-changing."

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