The Memoirs of Billy Shears

After you have a good handle on the entire narrative, read it again with the word-stacking and the acrostic. Finally, but not before your third reading, include the footnotes. That intended reading method changes the book so dramatically—taking you down many rabbit holes that eventually all connect—you really will feel as if you are reading a sequel. The book transforms itself as it initiates the reader.

Brace yourself for a shocking shift in consciousness. Whether you experience the Memoirs of Billy Shears as the hardcover box set, or as the paperback, or as the audiobook narrated by Gregory Paul Martin, you will never again see Paul McCartney, the Beatles, Wings, or even the whole world in quite the same way. However the memoirs come for you, it is coming to take you away on the amazing tour of the Beatles' magical mystery!

For those who do not want to wait for the hardcover box set, The Memoirs of Billy Shears is already available on Amazon as a 666 page paperback.

For those who would rather hear the book, it was recorded by Gregory Paul Martin (son of "fifth Beatle" George Martin), and is already available on Audible.

The Memoirs of Billy Shears is the tell-all memoirs of Paul McCartney. It was created with the talents of the poet-encoder, Thomas E. Uharriet, and has a foreword by Gregory Paul Martin, the son of “fifth Beatle” George Martin.

The Memoirs of Billy Shears is packed with historically significant disclosure about the Beatles, and about the elite who placed that band on the world stage to launch their global agendas. Many of these historical facts had been hidden from the Sixties until this book.

Crafted with poetic brilliance, while conveying the historical message from Sir Paul's point of view, this book utilizes multiple methods of encoding, gnostic, numerological, mythological, and cultic symbology, all with layered meaning that pulls you in deeper with each reading. With all of that going on, and with it being the first to have word-stacking and acrostical messegs on every page of the narrative (forming the world's longest acrostic), it can be overwhelming.

These memoirs of Paul McCartney are far less conservative than the traditional story. The Memoirs of Billy Shears is more creative, historically detailed, and shockingly revealing. It is much too much to take in all at once.

The Memoirs has a built-in sequel. On your first readings, we highly recommend that you ignore all of the above distractions, and just focus on the story and song meanings (especially on the meanings that are not permitted in the official memoirs). We especially urge you to ignore the acrostic, word-stacking, and footnotes on your first time through.

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